Saturday Stuff, October 10, 2015

SaturdayStuff_socialmedia*Here are the most interesting things to know about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from Screen Rant.

*Marvel has announced dates for some new movies including Ant-Man and the Wasp for 2018.

*I’m very interested to see Justice League Dark come to the big screen…and maybe it really is!

*One of my favorite superhero movies was The Incredibles.  Good news has been announced with The Incredibles 2 coming in 2019.

6-String Salvo, October 9, 2015

bigstock-Guitar-950679After a week of vacation the 6-String Salvo is back…

1. Dave Zuleger asks can a good God can bring pain.

2. With the Pope’s recent visit to America in mind Kevin DeYoung asks why don’t Protestants have a pope?

3. Sam Storms helps us understand that in heaven we will continue to grow holier and happier.

4. I appreciated this reminder from Tom Ascol that death is our last enemy.

5. Trevin Wax warns us that there’s a battle going on that’s bigger than the culture war.

6. In many ways all growing Christians are biblical counselors, so these 5 foundational disciplines of biblical counselors from Shannon Kay McCoy apply to all of us.

Check out this incredible and awesome display of bass guitar from Grant Stinnett (HT: Mark Moore)…

How He’s Known

How is Jesus known to you?

That’s a pretty important question.  It’s a question for both believers and non-believers.  Non-believers might know Jesus for His love.  They might know Him for His patience.  But believers can know these things about Jesus, too.  There’s a difference in knowing someone for something and knowing the person in such a way that you get to experience that person’s expression of those attributes.  Knowing someone is loving and receiving that love are quite different.

Is there a way in which believers might know Jesus that non-believers do?  How about in His mercy and redeeming grace?  Non-believers may have heard about these attributes of Jesus but they don’t know these attributes.  They haven’t been on the receiving end of His mercy and redeeming grace.

Eternity will be joyful for the Christian for he will receive mercy and redeeming grace without end.  Eternity will be misery because the non-believer will receive God’s wrath and justice without end.  How Jesus is known in this life makes a difference in the next.

And so, how is Jesus known to you?

Them’s the Rules

spider-manI’m a big movie fan.  I like to watch movies.  My favorite genres are movies based on comic books and science fiction (sci-fi) movies.  I like some other genres, too.

Over the last several years a new movement has begun to turn some of our most iconic characters into something they are not.  This has been especially the case with having some of these characters be re-imagined as gay.  Two particular characters, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and James Bond, have been mentioned.  The question being, “Why couldn’t Peter Parker or James Bond be gay?”

In a sense, even asking the question hurts the pro-gay agenda.  After all, could we imagine the outrage from the gay community if Hollywood writers and directors floated the idea that well-established movie and print gay characters were to be re-imagined as heterosexual?  The complaint would be that a re-imagining would take away the “essence” of the character, with essence being the sexual orientation of the character.  Also, for the LGBTQ community, one of its defining characteristics is that sexual identity (except for heterosexuality) cannot be JamesBondchanged.  Their mindset is that to try to counsel someone that his understanding of his sexual identity is wrong is…wrong.

And yet, there are many who would love to see the sexual identities of these two iconic characters changed because we are in a new culture of openness whereas these characters were created in a culture of exclusion.

While James Bond’s creator Ian Fleming is dead, Spider-Man’s creator, Stan Lee is alive and kicking.  And Stan has spoken out very clearly about Spider-Man’s sexuality and race.

“I wouldn’t mind, if Peter Parker had originally been black, a Latino, an Indian or anything else, that he stay that way. But we originally made him white. I don’t see any reason to change that.

“I think the world has a place for gay superheroes, certainly, but again, I don’t see any reason to change the sexual proclivities of a character once they’ve already been established.”

If the rule is, according to the LGBTQ community, that one’s sexual identity can’t be changed so leave us alone, then “them’s the rules.”  Leave Peter Parker and James Bond alone.  They are comfortable with who they are thank you.

Don’t Fear the Empty Nest Years

familypic2015A couple of Sundays ago during my sermon, I said this…

“Some of you are worried about what you’ll do when the empty nest years come.  Whatever you want!!!”

Dena and I are finding the empty nest years to be some of the most fun and enjoyable times of our lives.  We are still young (early 50s) and healthy enough to be as active as we wish while at the same time not having to give full-time care and attention to our children.  No longer do we have ball games, parent’s meetings, and social schedules to coordinate.  We are able to, for the most part, dictate our schedules and do the things we want to do.

We are fortunate that all three of our children (two are married) and our one grandson live in town.  So we get to see them often…but not too often!!!  We’re aren’t like some empty nesters who live miles away from adult children which may make the empty nest years a little harder.

One of the great blessings we’ve found over the years as parents is that we’ve enjoyed every stage of our children’s lives. From infancy to becoming parents and everything in between, we’ve been grateful for the challenges and the blessings each life stage has brought.

Throughout our parenting years we’ve also kept very close in mind that our children were only on loan from the Lord.  Ultimately they are His children, not ours.  And we fought hard to make sure that our self-esteem wasn’t found in our children but in our Lord alone so that we wouldn’t make idols of our children.  Yes, the house can be really silent sometimes, but many more times than not, we find ourselves grateful for this stage of our lives.

Having just returned from a week of vacation on a beach in Florida, and for the first time enjoying this vacation with only the two of us, we were freshly reminded of the joy of marriage and the privilege of parenting.

I hope that you’ll look forward to the empty nest years.  God is good to give us these years for His glory and our good!

Wisdom & Parenting: Raising the Next Generation…The Notes

Yesterday, our Associate Pastor to Students, Adam Lickey, preached from Proverbs on how parents can use God’s wisdom to raise the next generation.  You can listen to the sermon here.  The notes from Adam’s sermon are below…

  1. Raising the next Generation in: Who God is
    1. Morality
    2. Absolutes
  2. Raising the next Generation in: What He has said
    1. Truth
    2. Hope

Wisdom & Parenting: Raising the Next Generation

Our Associate Pastor to Students, Adam Lickey, is preaching today as we continue our series in Proverbs.  He’s preaching from Proverbs 22:6 and 27:23-24.

Proverbs 22:6 (HCSB) 6  Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 27:23-24 (HCSB) 23  Know well the condition of your flock, and pay attention to your herds, 24  for wealth is not forever; not even a crown lasts for all time.