6-String Salvo

1. Kevin DeYoung’s take on Meta World Peace’s vicious elbow…

2. When we rest in the gospel, can we become lazy?  When we work to grow in holiness, can we become legalistic?  How do the gospel and holiness work together for the glory of God. Check out this discussion between D.A. Carson and Fred Zaspel.

3. Dena’s cousin, T.J. Rives, had the opportunity to interview Pat Summitt when he was a lowly play by play broadcaster for then Memphis State University’s women’s basketball team. It’s a great story of Pat’s humility and willingness to help out a college student.  Enjoy T.J.’s recounting of his interview with Pat Summitt.

4. Here’s one review of the movie Blue Like Jazz based on Donald Miller’s book by the same name.

5. Does a student lose his scholarship if his dad breaks the school’s $30,000 Championship Trophy?

6. And here’s a little something from that great theologian, Bob Dylan…

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