6-String Salvo, February 22, 2012

bigstock-Guitar-950679Hope your Friday is a great one!  Here are some things I hope encourage you…

1. J.D. Greear reminds us that the gospel gives us both humility and confidence.

2. According to Russell Moore thinking about the afterlife shouldn’t bore us.

3. Knowing the Scriptures have given us everything we need, we won’t get lazy searching God’s Word.

4. Randy Alcorn says that we must be careful thinking church must be cool to be effective in winning people to Christ.

5. Trevin Wax has an insightful interview with a former American Idol contestant here and here.

6. Why is it that great success stories like Michael Jordan (who just turned 50) are often reminders that success doesn’t fill the emptiness they feel?

7. We can’t sing about God’s love without also singing about His wrath…Mark Altrogge.

Here’s Booker T. & the MG’s with Green Onions…


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